Latest VTech SIP Phone Firmware: Official Release
Posted by Roy Stephenson on 09 June 2016 12:57 PM

Firmware version 1.1.5.A for the VTech ErisTerminal SIP phone range can now be downloaded from their website here:

The stock that we are shipping is pre-loaded with version 1.1.2.A. There have now been two new firmware releases since then, both of which include new features as well as important compatibility and security updates so we recommend that you update your phones as soon as possible. It has been thoroughly tested on a wide variety of platforms and we are very happy with its performance.

Important note: Firmware version 1.1.4.A and higher introduce a splash screen that will display on the phone if you have not changed both of the default web interface passwords - user and admin. It is good practice to change these passwords anyway but if you have left the old ones in place, then after you upgrade from 1.1.2.A your customers will start to see a message on their phone screens advising they need to be changed.

If you would like to discuss the changes in more detail, please don't hesitate to get in touch.