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VTech Firmware Now Released
Posted by Roy Stephenson on 13 November 2017 11:21 AM

New firmware, version, is now available for the following VTech models:

  • VSP716A
  • VSP726A
  • VSP736A
  • VSP610A

Please visit VTech's website to download the files and release notes:

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Final testing on VTech firmware
Posted by Roy Stephenson on 27 October 2017 04:11 PM

VTech will shortly be releasing new firmware for the following models:
• VSP716A
• VSP726A
• VSP736A
• VSP610A adds new functionality and fixes a few bugs. In our tests we have found it to be stable but we encourage all installers and administrators of these phones to do their own testing in order to be certain that it works well for them before it is made publicly available.
The image files and release notes may be downloaded from this Dropbox folder:



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New Panasonic Security Documentation
Posted by Sam Moorcroft on 09 January 2017 11:03 AM

The new Panasonic NS Security documentation has now been published. The documents can be found on bizpartner as well as here:

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Latest VTech SIP Phone Firmware: Official Release
Posted by Roy Stephenson on 09 June 2016 12:57 PM

Firmware version 1.1.5.A for the VTech ErisTerminal SIP phone range can now be downloaded from their website here:

The stock that we are shipping is pre-loaded with version 1.1.2.A. There have now been two new firmware releases since then, both of which include new features as well as important compatibility and security updates so we recommend that you update your phones as soon as possible. It has been thoroughly tested on a wide variety of platforms and we are very happy with its performance.

Important note: Firmware version 1.1.4.A and higher introduce a splash screen that will display on the phone if you have not changed both of the default web interface passwords - user and admin. It is good practice to change these passwords anyway but if you have left the old ones in place, then after you upgrade from 1.1.2.A your customers will start to see a message on their phone screens advising they need to be changed.

If you would like to discuss the changes in more detail, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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New VTech firmware for testing
Posted by Roy Stephenson on 02 June 2016 12:20 PM

VTech will shortly be bringing out new firmware, version 1.1.5, for the following SIP phone models:

  • VSP715A Entry Level Deskset
  • VSP725A Mid Range Deskset
  • VSP735A High End Deskset
  • VSP600A DECT Base / Handset

Before making it the official current firmware, VTech are asking adminstrators of the above models to download and test it. The firmware files and release notes can be found here:

At the link, click on Firmware, then V115A.

The main purpose of the update is to enhance compatibility with the Draytek BX2000 IPPBX. However, we would like to ensure that the changes do not have any negative effects on other systems.  

Please mail with any comments. If nobody finds any issues, it will be added to to the downloads page at early next week.






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